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The Key Skills of Critical Thinking - Gifted Inspired Learning and Challenges

Available Times


Every week at: 9:00 AM EST

Taught by: Melissa Muir

A weekly club for bright, talented learners aged 10-12 exploring thinking skills in a small group format. Each week tackles a higher-level challenge focusing on: problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, adaptability and/or leadership.

$20 Weekly

  • Meets 1x per week
  • Runs week after week
  • 50 minutes per class
  • ​Cancel anytime
  • 7- 10 year olds
  • ​1-8 learners per class


Class Schedule

June 4: Fun & Games 1
June 11: Finders Keepers
June 18: Treasure Island
June 25: Divide the Spoils

July 2: Fun & Games 2
July 9: Magic 1
July 16: Magic 2
July 23: Magic 3
July 30: Fun & Games 3

August 6: Make Your Call
August 13: Make It Move
August 20: Make Your Role
August 27: Make Your Point

September 3: Make Your Point, Too

 Class Experience

We are perfect for learners who may not be fully challenged at school, are being homeschooled or those interested in direct training in 21st Century thinking skills. It is our goal to bring gifted style education to everyone using tools such as problem based learning, creative challenges and debate.

Braintrain's proprietary curriculum is designed to help learners improve their 21st Century and higher-order thinking skills over time. Each week, learners are challenged based on specific learning outcomes - such as strategy, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and leadership & persuasion. The World Economic Forum and other leading organizations have predicted these skills will be essential in a rapidly evolving future. We believe they must be trained directly, which few school curriculums do. Studies show that the best way to train these skills is to challenge learners at the correct level and pace with fun and interesting multi-dimensional problems. Braintrain teachers excel at doing this in an age-appropriate and fun way.

Our sessions emphasize teamwork, healthy competition, thinking outside the box, questioning of biases/assumptions and supported failure. We have small class sizes, fun content and excellent teachers. In a given week, braintrain sessions might use problem-based learning (PBL), brain teasers, lateral thinking puzzles, ciphers, escape rooms, logic grids or rebus puzzles to challenge learners in our gamification/game-based learning.

*Each session is developed independently, so a learner can drop in to any class at any time.
*Learners DO NOT need to be identified as gifted and talented or twice exceptional to join the club. While the content is most attractive to learners who may not be challenged enough at school or those that perform higher than their age, every learner is welcome to participate in braintrain sessions.

 Learning Goals

Becoming a member in the braintrain weekly club will improve a learner's ability to:
-Evaluate, prioritize and analyze information
-Think critically and creatively
-Apply logic to evaluate options and make decisions
-Collaborate with others in a variety of roles, and
-Solve complex problems

 Supply  List

Paper and pen/pencil


Learners will not need to use any apps or websites beyond the standard Outschool tools.

 Time Commitment

50 minutes per week in class, and maybe some time outside of class.